El Salvador


Obtaining Approval of Acceptance from Your Academic Advisor (January 2024)

  • Contact your expected academic advisor of the applying university in Japan, discuss about your study plan, and request him/her to send an “Academic Referee Report” (Prescribed Form 3) directly to JDS Office in Tokyo via email before the deadline of application.

Preparing and Submitting the Application Documents

  • Prepare your application documents carefully. See “How to Prepare Your Application Documents” in the Guideline for further details.
  • Submit application documents to the JDS Project Office in El Salvador. The deadline for applications is the 26th January(Friday) 2024. If delayed, application documents will be invalid and will NOT be accepted.

Medical Check up

  • Applicants will be required to take a medical checkup at a designated hospital.

Selection by JDS Operating Committee (March 2024)

  • The interview will be conducted by JDS Operating Committee (OC) members.
  • When the total number of applicants is more than three (3) persons, the application documents will be assessed by the OC before the interview.

Examination by the Applying Universities (June – September 2024)

  • Candidates must take examinations of the applying universities. The arrangement for the examinations will be assisted by the JDS Office in Japan.
  • Candidates who successfully pass the examination of the applying university will be considered to be JDS fellow.

Orientation and Departure (July – September 2024)

  • The JDS fellow will participate in the orientation before departure in July – August 2024, and leave for Japan in the middle of August 2024.