How to Prepare your Application Documents

Send request email to to obtain prescribed forms (form 1 to 4).

Send the ‘Prescribed Form 4: Letter of Cooperation Request’ with university’s application guidelines to the JDS Office ( JDS Office will send ‘Letter of Cooperation’ to the graduate school that your expected academic advisor belongs to. Letter of Cooperation is to request the university professor to issue ‘Prescribed Form 3: Academic Referee Report’ as an acceptance.

The JDS Office will send you email to inform you once receiving approval from the graduate school that you can contact the professor. The professor’s email address will be sent to the applicant as well.

After receiving instructions from JDS office, send email to the professor with your CV (Professional and Academic Record), research plan and your past research papers/thesis, and request him/her to fill in ‘Prescribed Form 3: Academic Referee Report’ and send it to the JDS Office.

※The JDS Office will send receipt email to the Academic Referee (Cc to the applicant) upon receiving Prescribed Form 3. The applicant needs the receipt email for application. Therefore, ensure asking the expected Academic Advisor to send Form 3 to the JDS Office at least 3 days before the application deadline.

Send ‘Prescribed Form 1: to your work supervisor as a Referee. The Referee must send it directly to the JDS Office ( via email. Prescribed Form 1 sent by the applicant will NOT be accepted.

The JDS Office will notify the receipt with Reference Number via email to the Referee (CC to the applicant upon receiving Prescribed Form 1. The applicant needs the reference number for application. Therefore, ensure asking the Referee to send Form 1 to the JDS Office at least 3 days before the application deadline.

‘Prescribed Form 2: Official Approval Letter’ needs to be filled by an official who can authorize your study leave (Joint Secretary or above) of Human Resource Division or designated division for JDS Scholarship from your target organization (listed on page 10) which you work for or is your line ministry. Provincial Officials and Local Level Officials should contact OPMCM and MOFAGA respectively. An official seal is necessary. Scan the filled form and save as pdf in max 1MB.

Prepare Research Plan with word limit of 700 words (except references and footnotes). Save as PDF in Max 1MB.

Scan biometrics page (with photo) of your valid passport and save as PDF in Max 1MB.

Prepare your passport size digital photo in JPEG (150 dpi or more resolution) in Max 1MB. (Close up your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70-80% of the photograph, in sharp focus and clear, show you looking directly in camera, in front of plain background, taken within 6 months).

Scan IELTS Academic Module Test Report Form (TRF) within two years validity as of May 31st, 2022 if you have and save as PDF in max 1MB.

Scan notarized degree certificates and transcripts (One of the Original or Provisional or Character Certificate and transcripts of bachelor's degree and above). SLC, +2 are not required. Save each certificate/transcript separately as PDF in max 1MB each.

How to Find Academic Advisor

1. Read past research papers/thesis of your academic field as many as possible.

2. Identify a professor as your academic advisor who could possibly supervise you based on his/her academic background. You may choose your academic supervisor of master’s degree if you obtained your degree from a graduate school in Japan.

3. Visit the websites of the university that your expected academic advisor belongs to and find the graduate school he/she works at.

4. Find the application guidelines of the graduate school that you wish to get enrolled. If application guidelines are not available for this year yet, find the guideline of previous year as a reference.

  • 5.Check whether the graduate school
  • ・has 3-year doctoral courses in English
  • ・has autumn enrolment
  • ・accept application in or after January 2022
  • ・has eligibility fit to you (match your research field)
  • ・requires IELTS report
  • ・has your expected academic advisor in its "List of Faculty Members"