Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

If you need further information or wish to make an inquiry, please contact our JDS Project Office in Ghana (Tel: 059-651-7785 / 020-926-5121).

  • Qualifications

    Q. Who is eligible to apply to JDS Program?
    A. Regarding the eligibility, please refer to page 9 of Application Guidelines.
    Q. Do I need to take English and Math examinations?
    A. Math exam is required for applicants for Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kyushu University. On the other hand, applicants for Nagoya, Nagasaki and Kyushu University are obliged to take English exam. If you have taken an IELTS within the last 2 years and can submit the official copy of your score record, you do not need to take it again. However, there is no exception for the math exam. The problems in the math exam will be those you have learned at junior-high and high schools.
    Q. How about GPA score?
    A. We do not have any borderline for GPA score.
    Q. I am a Master’s Degree holder. Can I apply?
    A. Yes, you may apply except the case you obtained your Master’s degree funded through other foreign assistance.
    Q. I have received a scholarship from another country. Can I apply to JDS?
    A. No. If you have ever received (or planning to receive) another scholarship through other foreign assistance, you are NOT eligible to apply. Likewise, if you have already had your master’s degree, sponsored through other foreign assistance, you are also NOT eligible to apply.
    Q. I don’t speak Japanese. Can I apply to JDS?
    A. Yes, you can. In the Japanese Universities selected for JDS Program, all courses are taught in English.
    Q. Does JDS Program fund me for PhD course as well?
    A. ’Yes, there’s 1 slot available each year for JDS Program alumni. Contact JDS Project office for details.
  • Applications

    Q. I graduated from 2 universities, which university degree should I submit?
    A. You should submit the certified copies of the Degrees from both universities in that case.
    Q. My University does not give my official transcript directly to me. What should I do?
    A. Please ask your university to send the transcript directly to our JDS Office. You also need to let us know that the transcript will be sent to our JDS Office later on.
    Q. How do I prepare the research plan?
    A. Please carefully read the instructions written in the Guidelines as well as the instructions written in the Form of a Research Plan. JDS staff members will also guide you on how to prepare the research plan upon your request.
    Q. I only have diploma. Am I eligible to apply?
    A. No. You must possess at least a university degree in order to apply.
    Q. How do I know if I passed the process of document screening or not? Can I call JDS Office and ask?
    A. All applicants who passed or did not pass the screening will be informed by JDS Office. Any inquiries for the result of the selection by applicants are NOT allowed.
    Q. Can I have my application documents back if I do not pass the selection?
    A. No. all application documents will not be returned.
    Q. I am planning to apply for another scholarship. Can I apply for both scholarships?
    A. No. This is grant aid’s scholarship. You can’t apply for several scholarships. You have to choose one scholarship only.
  • Life in Japan

    Q. If I were selected for JDS Scholarship Program, what allowance will I receive?
    A. As to the allowance you will receive in Japan, please refer to page 13 of Application Guidelines.
    Q. Is it okay to bring my dependents and stay with them in Japan?
    A. Yes, you can stay with your dependents (spouse/children) in Japan, but only after 3 months from your arrival in Japan unless your university prohibits you from doing so. All the procedures required you to do for your dependents’ stay in Japan shall be carried out by yourselves. JDS Program will not cover the cost necessary for your families: e.g. travel insurance, air ticket, living cost, and VISA. Your Family will be taken care of under your responsibility.
    Q. Can I work in Japan?
    A. No, you are not allowed to have any job or work for a living. However, the teaching or research assistantship which is provided by your Accepting University is exceptional.
    Q. Can I drive automobiles in Japan?
    A. No. You are not permitted to drive cars or motorcycles unless there is any special reason which was permitted by the JDS Operation Committee.
    Q. Can I stay in Japan after the completion of Master’s program in order to continue my education or be employed in Japan?
    A. No, you cannot. You MUST return to Ghana after obtaining Master’s degree through JDS Scholarship Program.
    Q. Can I come back to Ghana or travel overseas for short-term while I am staying in Japan?
    A. Yes, you may come back to Ghana at your own expense and must ensure that it doesn’t impact your academic work negatively. If you travel overseas for any reason other than thesis research purpose, your scholarship will be suspended from the day of departure from Japan until the day of return in case of private travel. The scholarship will be paid up to 60 days in the case of the thesis research.
    Q. Please tell me about university support system.
    A. It depends on the university which you enroll. Normally, teaching assistant/s and tutor/s will support your studies and academic life.