Application Documents


Submit Application documents to JDS Project Office

  • Application documents may be downloaded from the link provided below. Please ensure that the application is printed out in A4 size paper. Please refer to the Application Guidelines during completion and ensure submission of a full set of application documents. Applications should be delivered in person, or via courier, to the JDS project office in Accra.

    The application deadline is 2nd November (Wed), 2022.

    Please submit the application documents to the JDS Project Office; Room 4 & 5, Ground Floor, Annex Building, at Office of the Head of Civil Service (OHCS), by 17:00 on 2nd November (Wed), 2022.

    Application documents will not be returned for any reason. Late submission and/or incomplete application documents will NOT be accepted.

Online application

  • Access the online application system from the JDS Ghana Official Website ( and submit the application documents online before 0:00 am 3rd November 2022.

    A. Application Guidelines

    1. Application Guidelines download: PDF

    B. Application Documents

    • Kobe University, Ritsumeikan University & Hiroshima University
      full set of application documents download: Word PDF
    • Nagoya University, Kyushu University & Nagasaki University
      full set of application documents download: Word PDF
    1. Application form
      download:Word PDF
    2. Reference form from employer
      download:Word PDF
    3. The certified copy of your “Bachelor/Certificate of degree”
    4. Original or a certified copy of your “Official Transcript (University-level)”
    5. Colored photocopy of your ID document
    6. Proof of your English language skill
      Kobe University, Ritsumeikan University & Hiroshima University only
      download:Word PDF
    7. Photocopy of Appointment letter
    8. Registration form
      download:Word PDF
    9. Checklist for application documents to be submitted
      download:Word PDF

How to Prepare Your Research Plan

  • Before you begin writing your research plan, you are recommended to carefully review the ‘Graduate School Information‘ section to make sure that the graduate school of your choice offers an appropriate curriculum and has faculty members relevant to your research plan. You can obtain more information by visiting the websites of individual graduate schools or by visiting the JDS Project Office.

    NOTE: Your research plan should be consistent with one of the aforementioned ‘Sub-Program’(Target Priority Area) and ‘Component’ (development issues), should be a program offered by the graduate school of your application and correspond to the overall objectives of the organization to which you belong. For more information, please refer to the Application Guidelines.

    How to Prepare for Math Exam
    (Kobe University, Nagoya University, Nagasaki University, Kyushu University and Hiroshima University)

    Math Examination Date: 9th November (Wed), 2022

    The duration of the math examination is approximately 60 minutes and consists of basic math: arithmetic operations, solving fractions, equations, inequalities, matrixes, basic quadratic functions, basic operations of exponential and logarithmic functions, basic integral and differentiation, etc.

    Exam scores will be used for reference purposes during initial selection by the accepting universities. Please prepare yourself for the exams!

    You can download the previous year’s exam paper from the following links: