Application Documents


Please refer to the Application Guidelines and submit a full set of application documents by the deadline.

A. Application Guidelines

  1. Application Guidelines of the Master’s Degree Program (Download)

B. Application Forms

  1. Confidential Statement of Reference (Prescribed Form 1) (Download)
  2. Official Approval Letter (Prescribed Form 2) (Download)
  3. Research Plan Format (Prescribed Form 3A) (Download)
  4. Research Plan Format (Prescribed Form 3B) (Download)
  5. Research Plan Format (Prescribed Form 3C) (Download)
  6. Research Plan Format (Prescribed Form 3D) (Download)
Applying University Specified Format
Hiroshima (International Economic Development Program and International Peace and Co-existence Program), Waseda, Meiji, Ritsumeikan, Keio Prescribed Form 3A
Yamaguchi Prescribed Form 3B
Kyushu Prescribed Form 3C or without Format*
Rikkyo Prescribed Form 3D
IUJ (GSIR) Without Format*

*If you prepare your research plan without format, word limit of 700 words (except references/bibliography and footnotes).